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  • Call for innovation! Austrian Railways are exploring the future of ticketing Public space

    ÖBB Personenverkehrs AG (Austrian Federal Railway, passenger transport), is a big public enterprise looking to engage market participants prior to the procurement of new ticket vending machines. The challenges focus on some hard- and software components. English versions are already attached online to both challenges (you will find them at the end of the page under Dateien and Infos).

    The deadline for online contributions is July 10th 2019 for both challenges. They seek input from compan...

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  • Early Adopters Programme: Webinar on 26 June at 15:00 CEST Public space

    In order to encourage wide deployment outside the Buyers Group of solutions developed during the project, ARCHIVER will engage with a group of “Early Adopters”.
    The ARCHIVER Early Adopter programme is open to any public organisation having a need for innovative digital archiving and preservation solutions.
    Organisations interested in joining ARCHIVER as Early Adopters need to express their interests by completing the form below before September 15th, 2019.

    The Webinar

    Want to know more ...

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  • Workshop about Public Procurement of Innovation Strategies at municipal public bodies Public space
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    Consorci de la Ribera will be finally performing a presentation of PROMINENT MED Alzira's PPI case study. We have been invited to show how small/medium-sized municipalities are contributing to innovation activities promotion.

    Enclosed file shows the agenda of Red Innpulso seminar.

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  • Sustainable procurement and the SDGs Public space
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    The UNECE has been developing guidelines for people-first PPP which establish a link between procurement and the SDGs.

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  • New selected innovation procurement projects to receive free of charge assistance under European Assistance for Innovation Procurement-initiative (eafip) announced Public space

    The EC-eafip initiative announced on Thursday June 6th that following the first call within Eafip 2019 two European public procurers have been selected to receive legal and technical assistance through the eafip-initiative for their innovation procurement project.

    The selected projects are:

    • Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg - Big Data for the Water Chain (Water sector – The Netherlands)
    • Government of Canarias - Programa FID Salud - Big Data for personalised medicine (Health sector - S...

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  • eafip – 2nd Call for The Assistance Public space

    The European Assistance for Innovation Procurement initiative (eafip) opened a second call for legal and technical assistance.
    The aim of the eafip-initiative is to promote good practices and reinforce the evidence base on completed innovation procurements across Europe and to encourage other public procurers to start new PCP and PPI procurements of high impact ICT solutions (e.g. Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Big Data and virtual/augmented reality).
    Read more about wh...

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  • Opportunity to boost your procurement power Public space

    ICLEI is excited to bring you opportunities to engage with suppliers and other public authorities across Europe to discover and shape new innovative solutions to your procurement needs. Let us know your procurement plans or needs, and we can link them with funded projects that can bring you closer to other buyers or suppliers.

    Big Buyers Initiative

    Join up your needs with other public authorities to send more powerful signals to the market. You will also be able to take part in tailored tr...

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    The Spanish PROMINENT MED team had the challenge of refurbishing an old storage building in Alzira, València in an energy efficient manner to serve as a key infrastructure for the young people. The lessons learnt during the implementation of the project have served the Spanish team to replicate the procedures in another municipality of the Valencian region: Sueca. It has been cofinanced by the Valencian Agency of Innovation through the project BUILDING CPI. The objective of the project is to im...

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  • Archiver Open Market Consultation: one last opportunity to discuss the specifications of the PCP tender to be launched in October! Public space

    Next Wednesday, 5 June the last of the series of Open Market Consultation events will take place in Geneva, at CERN. The event will be the last opportunity to meet the ARCHIVER's Buyers Group (CERN, DESY, EMBL-EBI, PIC) and discuss the project’s R&D challenges before the publicatio of the tender to procure hybrid end-to-end archival and preservation services (find out more about the tender here

    What: ARCHIVER Open Market Consultation C...

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  • Valencia Regiona PPI Guideline for public authorities Public space

    The Valencian Innovation Agency (Agència Valenciana de la Innovació) has produced a guide to promote public procurement of innovation (PPI) among local authorities from Valencia region. "The practical guide of the process of public procurement of innovation for public organizations of the Valencian Community" aims is to assist Valencian public bodies to initiate PPI procedures to promote innovation activities at industrial level. Consorci de la Ribera participated in the elaboration of this gu...

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  • Examples of requiring bikes for municipal courier services? Public space
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    Hi Simon,

    We have some contracts in which bike couriers are used for deliveries in the bigger cities, but that's usually as a result of the award criteria. We haven't used contract performance clauses for this.

    We've also seen that there was only one bigger company offering these services in a lot of cities. That was Bubble post. They were bought by BPost and remodeled to only deliver food, and now seem to have dissappeared entirely. Finding a good alternative delivering in so many cities,...

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    The PROMINENT MED Consortium met in Alzira (Spain) in February 2019, and prepared a workshop to show potential stakeholders the benefits of the Public Procurement of Innovation. For this reason, one of the invited key actors in the region was the INNPULSO NETWORK, Spanish Network of Cities for the Science and Innovation. They stressed key aspects like:

    • There is a tendency of funds for innovation to be reduced, and changed by other strategies such as procurement, in order to share risks from b...

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  • Do you have a Green Idea/Startup/Project in Supply Chain? Public space

    Do you have a Green Idea/Startup/Project in Supply Chain?

    Here is a chance to share your journey, experiences, perspectives and insights on our Podcast Channel. Our mission is to spread the wave of Sustainable Supply Chain!

    ⓦ Website (for more information)

    Be a part of SustainAbility and be a part of the change you would like to see.

    Happy SustainAbility!

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  • New Innovation Procurement Platform launched! Public space

    A new Innovation Procurement Platform has been launched, providing public procurers and policy-makers with a go-to spot for all the latest news and resources on innovation procurement.

    Public procurement accounts for about 14% of the European Union's (EU) gross domestic product - meaning it has enormous potential to guide new developments in a range of sectors to address key societal challenges. It also benefits public sector customers directly through improved services at optimised costs.


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  • International conference: Challenges in Sustainable Public Procurements, 5-6 June 2019, Budapest Public space

    We are pleased to announce that remembering the World Environment Day, the Public Procurement Authority of Hungary organizes an international conference titled “Challenges in Sustainable Public Procurements” on 5-6 June 2019 in Budapest.

    Considering the importance of international knowledge sharing, the representatives of the V4 countries, as well as international public procurement experts, acknowledged university professors, and chief officials of the European Commission are invited to the...

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  • De Haagse Hogeschool zoekt.... Public space

    De afdeling Inkoop en Facilitair van de Haagse Hogeschool breidt uit en zoekt

    • - Inkoopmanager Inkoop & Facilities ( Schaal 12)
    • - Contractmanager IT ( Schaal 10)
    • - Contractmanager Centraal ( Schaal 10)

    De functies zijn eenvoudig in te zien op . Mocht je geinteresseerd zijn in een kennismakingsgesprek, laat me weten. Ik trakteer je graag op een haagsch bak koffie incl. h-hopje!


    Marc J. Brugman

    Manager Inkoop & Facilities ai


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  • New toolkit on better waste prevention and management just released Public space

    The UrbanWINS team has now released its final toolkit A guide on urban metabolism and participatory processes for more efficient urban waste policies, that can inspire urban waste agents – from decision makers to waste companies – to improve the sustainability of cities by interpreting waste issues and policies in an innovative way.

    It might be of interest to you as the document includes a corpus of 70 best practices - covering different waste streams – that can be relevant for cities;...

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  • TOOP e-Procurement workshop on 22nd May in Brussels Public space

    TOOP project will hold a workshop dedicated to the 'once-only' principle (OOP) in the eProcurement area on 22nd May 2019 in Brussels. It follows right after the Multi-Stakeholder Expert Group on eProcurement (EXEP) meeting on 20-21 May. Participation & registration are free of charge. More information:

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  • LEA-N recruits procurers for joint learntech actions Public space

    The LEA project is currently inviting procurers to join the LEA-Network - a critical mass of procurers of education, committed to collaborating on joint actions to accelerate the procurement of learntech in European schools.

    LEA-N is a key opportunity for procurers interested in being involved in future innovation procurement and common demand funding applications.

    In addition, LEA-N members will have access to capacity building seminars, and an opportunity to contribute to the development...

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  • Innovation procurement policy roundtables (June 5th, 2019, Zagreb, Croatia) Public space

    Dear all,

    We are pleased to announce that registration to the Innovation procurement policy workshop and roundtables is now open. The event will take place at Zagreb Innovation Centre (ZICER) on 5th of June as part of PPI2Innovate (Prominent MED) programme is now open.

    Check the programme and register to join workshops and roundtables organized by Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovations and Investments (HAMAG BICRO) and Regional Energy Agency North (REA North) within program Prominent MED...

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  • 2nd International Public Procurement Conference (23rd and 24th May, Opatija) Public space

    As known, public procurement is undergoing major changes, being more optimized and become more oriented on goals.

    This is the main reason why PJR consulting and partners are organising International Public Procurement Conference, that is one of the biggest Croatian annual event in the field of public procurement.

    During the two-day Conference procurers, policy makers, businesses, researchers and international organisations in Opatija will have a chance to hear and to discuss the latest d...

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  • The conference of PPI2Innovate project (MAY 14th, 2019, Székesfehérvár, Hungary) Public space

    Dear Partners,

    The final transnational conference of the PPI2Innovate project in Székesfehérvár (Hotel Magyar Király) held on the 14th of May will be an opportunity to learn more about the use of public procurement of innovation (PPI). As PPI is a new term in many Central European countries, lecturers aim to show PPI is an essential tool to boost local innovation and provider of better local services.

    Two speakers are arriving from Croatia to PPI2Innovate Days, to present practical exp...

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  • Contract signed - Public Procurement of Innovation Public space

    We are pleased to announce that City of Koprivnica and REA North, Croatian partners in Prominent MED project, have successfully completed procurement procedure carried out as part of Public Procurement of Innovation. The tender for Extensive Energy Refurbishment of Prefabricated Building of The Kindergarten Loptica was launched on 31st January 2019. Selected procurement procedure was Competitive Procedure with Negotiation. After completing all the formalities within the procedure, on 24th A...

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