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  • Regione Puglia - OpenLabs PCP Initiative "B" Public space

    PCP call for tender to acquire services of industrial research and experimental development for a new system for minimizing the production, improve quality and promote the reuse of sludge treatment processes and treatment of urban waste water

    TED Official Document Number 266318-2015

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  • Regione Puglia - OpenLabs PCP Initiative "C" Public space

    PCP call for tender to acquire services of industrial research and experimental development for a new device for locating water losses of pipelines, monitoring the state of the pipes and the geo-referenced survey of the pipelines in urban water distribution networks.

    TED Official Document Number 266320-2015

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  • Procurement of innovative health and social services enhanced by digital technologies. Launch of the first Local Market Consultation of the STOPandGO project Public space

    Innovation procurement in healthcare: the STOPandGO project

    The STOPandGO project ( aims at defining and testing an European Specification Template (EST) to promote the acquisition of health and social services enhanced by digital technologies through the PPI (Public Procurement for Innovation) instrument. These services will allow the implementation of innovative models on Integrated Care for elderly people, in line with the objectives of the European Partnership...

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  • Wanted: 10 minutes of your time - shape the Procura+ Seminar programme Public space

    Dear all,

    ICLEI together with Barcelona City Council, Barcelona Metropolitan Area, and Barcelona Provincial Council are pleased to announce the 2015 Procura+ Seminar taking place on 11 November 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. The full-day seminar is organised in cooperation with the GPP 2020 project consortium.

    The 2015 Seminar will explore ’the challenges ahead - designing procurement for a low-carbon future’. The programme will be highly interactive and provide participants with the op...

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  • Looking for Electric buses environmental specifications Public space

    I'm looking for guidelines or sustainable tender technical specifications for electric buses procurement (from 6 to 12 metres). On there are not yet technical reports. Can anyone help me on this?

    Thanks a lot.

    Marco Glisoni

    Arpa Piemonte

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  • Looking for guidelines on the procurement of green tires Public space

    I am looking for Guidelines on the procurement of sustainable tires for a Chilean partner. Can anyone help me on this?


    Farid Yaker

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  • The web portal begins its journey Public space

    (see in Catalan below // sorry for cross posting)

    The web portal begins its journey

    Ecoinstitut has launched the web portal, an entry point where Catalan public authorities can find their way to the most relevant resources available to safely implement SPP in the region.

    The portal provides responses to the main questions of concern for decision-makers and practitioners for the introduction of socio-environmental concerns in public procurement – such a...

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  • Addressing food waste prevention through public tenders/contracts for municipal waste management services Public space

    Hi all, I am an environmental engineer and post-doctoral researcher at the University of Bologna, Italy. My research activities mainly focus on food waste/wastage prevention all along the food supply-chain. I'm currently dealing with food waste prevention within the context of municipal waste management systems. In particular I'm dealing with the identification and assessment of potential GPP criteria to be included in Waste Management Tenders (for MSWM) with the aim of fostering food waste prev...

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  • European Assistance For Innovation Procurement (eafip) initiative has been launched Public space

    The European Commission has identified Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) and Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI) as key tools under Horizon 2000 to foster innovation of ICT based solutions in the EU. In order to stimulate innovation procurement the Commission is supporting public procurers through European Assistance for Innovation Procurement (eafip), a new initiative focusing on promotion, training and assistance in implementing innovation procurements for ICT based solutions...

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  • Experience Exchange - possibility to take part on Ecovation Conference with reimbursements Public space

    Dear All,

    Possibility for participation on the Ecovation conference in Graz with reimbursements!

    As you may know under the Public Procurement of Innovation Platform project we are managing an Experience Exchange module. This is for procurers to travel to advanced organisations to gain a more in-depth understanding of innovative procurement processes. As well as developing skills on PPI and PCP by learning from others, participants can also experience new ways of thinking about problems and...

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