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  • Integrating Social Value Public space

    What commissioning and procurement strategies are required to deliver social value?

    How can we support innovative suppliers in achieving the outcomes with the most value?

    How can we engage communities as co-creators of innovative solutions?

    Connected Places Catapult is holding a webinar on March 8th to discuss these questions, and other aspects related to societal demands from public procurement. Details through the link below.

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  • Update: Presentation PCP STARS - Patient Empowerment by Stress Avoidance and Recovery Services Public space

    Presentation of STARS project and potential solutions by the project coordinator from Maastricht University Ine Vandewauw and hospitals. More about the STARS project:

    We are looking for new buyers and input from patient organisations.

    The STARS presentation will be 10.03 (10.00-12.00 CET) and is included into the Healthcare Brokerage Event of the Enterprise Europe Network, more information and registration:

    Here the dire...

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  • Criteria / information on environmental aspects for medical equipment linked to the Covid-19 crisis Public space
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    Hi Adrianne and Jo,

    Governemental laboratories in the Netherlands are also very interested in criteria for sustainable procurement related to laboratory articles & equipment.

    If possible, could you send the info to Thanks in advance.

    And, @Adrianne: when do you expect these criteria to be available on your website

    Best regards


    category manager Laboratory

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  • New Document Compiles 15 Frequently Asked Questions On Socially Responsible Public Procurement Public space

    What is socially responsible public procurement (SRPP)? Who benefits from SRPP? How does SRPP differ from ‘traditional’ procurement? These are some of the 15 Frequently Asked Questions compiled in an FAQ document published by the European Commission and written by ICLEI to support public buyers.

    The FAQ document is an addition to the EC report ‘Making socially responsible public procurement work: 71 good practice cases”, published last september. The report written by ICLEI and AEIDL, highl...

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  • Looking for a place to find all public RPFIs/ RFPs and request for buying innovative solutions Public space
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    Hi Jara,

    For Flanders, the Program on Innovative Procurement bundles the project which they have partially funded, both in the past as in the present:

    I've also noticed that most cases or on ICT / Softwaredevelopment, but last year a specific call for projects was launched on the topics of stimulating the circular economy and helping the energy transition.

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  • WEBINAR on Innovation procurement - the CEO’s perspective - Public space

    Corvers presents WEBINAR on Innovation procurement - the CEO’s perspective -. A free 1-hour webinar together with Air Traffic Control the Netherlands and IPlytics GmbH.

    Date: February 10th, 2021
    Time: 14:00-15:00 CET
    Platform: Webinargeek
    Language: English


    Understanding innovation procurement from the perspective of the CEO of Air Traffic Control of the Netherlands, IPlytics GmbH. and Corvers Commercial & Legal Affairs.

    Based on Air Traffic Control the Netherlands’...

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  • Unleashing Innovative Procurement Public space

    In December, the UK Government published a Green Paper on "Transforming Public Procurement". Responses to these significant proposals for the UK's post Brexit Procurement regime must be submitted by March 10th. On February 10th, Connected Places Catapult is holding a Webinar to discuss the proposed changes. We are posing the question - do the Green Paper proposals really unleash the full potential for innovation? There's a great line up of speakers who will share their practical experience of in...

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  • Webinar on Socially Responsible Public Procurement: “WeBuySocialEU, and You?” Public space

    On 11 February (14:30 – 15:30 CET) ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability will organise the webinar ‘WeBuySocialEU, and You?’. The webinar will highlight good practice cases from the EC report "Making Socially Responsible Public Procurement. 71 Good Practice cases", showcasing the diverse ways in which SRPP can make a social impact.

    Public authorities can engage in socially-responsible public procurement by buying ethical products and services, and by using public tenders to create jo...

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  • Do you buy electronic appliances? All you need to know about the new regulations in a 1mn video Public space

    Starting from March 1st 2021, a new EU labelling system for 9 categories of electronic appliances is going to be introduced. In this way, public and private procurement personnel will be able to make more cost-effective and environment-friendly. To help you understand and prepare for the change, ICLEI together with the BELT project has put together a 1mn video explaining everything you need to know about the new regulations.

    Have a watch and get ready for the change!

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  • Het Waterschapshuis: Strategic Partnership for Cloud Technology Public space

    On behalf of Het Waterschapshuis (hWh) in the Netherlands, Corvers Commercial & Legal Affairs has the honor to invite you for a webinar on an OMC (OpenMarketConsultation) on the 4th of February 15.00-16.00 CET. hWh is looking for a long term strategic partnership for cloud technology and its related products and services as the trends suggest that many applications and solutions are needed to better manage water, water treatment and water systems.

    For more information on the webinar and the O...

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  • The Alu Circles project: first non-EU funded Pan-European innovation partnership project in the water sector awarded. Public space

    The Alu Circles project: first non-EU funded Pan-European innovation partnership project in the water sector awarded.

    On December 30st, 2020, a pan European consortium of the Dutch water companies (AquaMinerals B.V.), De Watergroep in Belgium and Scottish Water in Scotland, awarded an innovation partnership agreement to NETICS BV - The Sediment Engineers - in the Netherlands. The aim is to develop a circular, innovative and cost effective solution of alum sludge (a residual from drinking wate...

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  • Interreg2Seas project CBCI - newsletter Public space

    Province of Zeeland is involved in the CBCI project (circular Bio-based construction industry). Part of this project is the design of a circular purchasing model that allows circularity and biobased materials to be easily incorporated into utility construction. Subscribe to the newsletter to follow the project.

    Circular Bio-based Construction Industry: Newsletter January 2021 (

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  • Power of Procurement: Nordic Cities declare joint statement on demand towards fair, circular smartphones Public space

    A group of Nordic Cities declared a joint statement of demand towards fair and circular smartphones with ambitious goals until 2025.

    In collaboration with other public entities, the City of #Malmö, the City of #Helsinki the City of #Copenhagen and the City of #Oslo are committed to leveraging procurement as a tool to create change. They aim to transition towards circular Information and Communication Technology (ICT) whilst improving the conditions of workers across the entire value chain.


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  • Interactive e-learning module with 7 actions to boost sustainable and innovation procurement Public space

    The Urban Agenda Partnership on Innovative and Responsible Public Procurement delivered seven actions that help procurers to implement sustainable and innovation procurement, including guidelines, toolboxes and handbooks. To make these deliverables user-friendly the partnership developed an interactive e-Learning module.

    A webinar provides more indepth information on the E-Learning module. It will take place on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021, 10:00 - 12:00 (CET).

    No pre-registration requ...

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  • How to engage the market - action-oriented guidance launched Public space

    ICLEI together with Electronics Watch has put together a market engagement guidance with the focus on dialogue events and an overview of the European legal framework. The step-by-step guide aims to enable public procurers across Europe with a clear pathway towards a meaningful dialogue event, online or in-person.

    Explore the practical guide here and the overview of the European legal framework here.

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  • 15 Frequently Asked questions on socially responsible public procurement Public space

    What is socially responsible public procurement (SRPP)? Who benefits from SRPP? How does SRPP differ from ‘traditional’ procurement?

    These are some of the 15 Frequently Asked Questions compiled in an FAQ document published by the European Commission and written by ICLEI to support public buyers in their implementation of SRPP. This FAQ is part of the #WeBuySocialEU campaign.

    Check the document here:

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  • Webinar on Public Procurement of ICT and electronics: Power of engagement and challenges of verification Public space

    The webinar will take place on 28 January 2021, 16:00 - 17:30 CET and is co-hosted by European Parliament vice presidents Heidi Hautala and Marcel Kolaja and co-organised by Electronics Watch and ICLEI.

    The main objective of the webinar is to demonstrate what kind of public procurement policies and practices are possible in information and communications technology (ICT)/electronics for public purchasers at the European Union, national, regional or local level.

    The webinar will provi...

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  • Public procurement of innovation in Poland – BOOK Public space

    The Public Procurement Office of Poland has published a book on public procurement of innovation.

    The publication provides a detailed description of several public sector projects and the related legal framework.

    The following institutions share their experiences:

    - representatives of government administration: GovTech Poland, National Center for Research and Development, National Center for Agricultural Support,

    - local government administration: Regional Water and Sewage Management...

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  • Public procurement of innovation in Poland – EVENT, 21 January, 9.00 AM -12.00 PM CET Public space

    Public procurement of innovation in Poland – EVENT, 21 January, 9.00 AM -12.00 PM CET

    Free registration:

    The seminar is organized jointly by the Permanent Representation of Poland to the EU and the Polish Public Procurement Office


    9.00 Welcome by the Permanent Representative of Poland to the EU, Andrzej SadoÅ›

    9.10 – 9.20 Keynote speech, Hubert Nowak, the President of the Polish Public Pro...

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  • Webinar: Public Procurement - Stimulating or Stifling Nature-Based Innovation? Public space

    Nature-based solutions are increasingly recognised as a powerful tool to address diverse challenges facing our cities and regions – from degradation of natural capital and ecosystem services to vulnerability to pandemics, climate change and natural disasters. The potential of nature-based enterprises to generate new innovations, jobs and wealth creation has also been recognised in the EU Green Deal and Recovery Plan.

    Despite the clear case for investment, public procurement of nature-based s...

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  • Innovation procurement in Europe and the Procure2Innovate Network (22.01.2021) Public space

    Next January 22 (11.15 - 12.30 CET), the Procure2Innovate Network will host a special session as part of the 30th RESER Congress, focused on value co-creation and innovation as new dynamics shaping services today and aimed at improving the transformative power of services in modern societies: new avenues for a new services world.

    Three competence centres for innovation procurement will join the session starting at 11.15 am (CET) to present some good practices that have taken place in Germ...

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  • Join our webinar series on socially responsible ICT procurement Public space
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    Fantastic thank you!

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  • CIVILnEXt project: A webinar on Innovation Potential Public space

    The CIVILnEXt Consortium is proud to organize an online event that will be held on January 29th, 2021 10:00 CET on exploring and identifying the Innovation Potential regarding the development of an operation control platform for civilian missions.

    As CIVILnEXt is running a transitional phase of introspection and redefinition of its research objective under the new coordination of KEMEA, we are now oriented to a more specific spectrum of project outcomes / applications, leading to enhanced...

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  • Conference on Innovation Procurement to boost regions Public space

    Innovation procurement to boost Regions in post COVID Recovery

    DATE : 12 January 2021
    LOCATION : Online Event
    START TIME : 2:30 pm UK END TIME : 4:00 pm

    Academic and Regional leaders discuss the role of innovation procurement in regional growth, their current initiatives, and the potential for these approaches to strengthen economic recovery in the wake of the COVID pandemic

    Organised by Connected Places Catapult as part of the Challanging Procurement programme.


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  • More news on GPP! Public space
    • Big buyers for Climate and the Environment
    • Interview: Using university procurement as a leverage point for collaboration - Peter Hayakawa, University of Edinburgh (Scotland, UK)
    • Good Practice: Refurbishing an old building with minimal environmental impact (City of Koprivnica, Croatia)
    • Zoom in on… Batteries
    • Zoom in on… New energy efficiency labelling system
    • Zoom in on… Fair ICT hardware
    • Zoom in on… GPP and food in Swedens

    Link to GPP News Alert December edition: https://ec.e...

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