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  • Dank deelname en Informatiepakket nav Infosessie IRD-2019 Public space

    Beste deelnemer,

    Allereerst wil ik jullie alsnog hartelijk danken voor jullie tijd en aandacht tijdens onze Infosessies IRD-2019 op 14 en 15 november j.l.. Voor degenen die niet hebben kunnen deelnemen zoeken we gezamenlijk naar een aparte oplossing. Jullie deelname wordt door ons zeer gewaardeerd en jullie constructieve vragen hebben wij in onze presentatie verwerkt aan het einde in de bijlagen als FAQ. Om zo volledig mogelijk te zijn hebben wij, wellicht ten overvloede, een informatiepakke...

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  • October Edition of the magazine for sustainable public procurement "Kleine Kniffe" Public space

    The October Edition of the magazine for sustainable public procurement "Kleine Kniffe" is published.

    Topics include:
    Sustainable procurement using Austria as an example
    Startups as innovation drivers in public procurement
    Successful sustainable construction procurement
    More information on the "Active for sustainable public procurement" initiative

    Interested parties will receive the magazine digitally every six months free of charge. An e-mail to with the...

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  • BroadWay PCP part of DG HOME workshop next November 15 in Brussels Public space

    Next November 15, the European Commission - DG HOME will be holding a workshop on Secured Communication Systems, arranged by the CERIS (Community for European Research and Innovation for Security.

    The format will be based around the outcome of the BroadWay project and related activities with the aim to inform policy towards the realisation of BroadNet and Operational Mobility: the ability for responders to carry out their life saving and crime fighting operations, using mobile broa...

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  • EHPPA: 1st European Hospital Procurement Barometer 2022 Public space

    Dear all

    By this post I invite you on behalf of Resah to participate to the 1st European Hospital Procurement Barometer.

    This first edition of the European Hospital Procurement Barometer is an initiative of Resah (, a French public Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) whose objective is to support the mutualization and professionalization of procurement in the healthcare sector, for public and private non-profit healthcare organizations, so they can improve their own...

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  • EAFIP-Webinar Introduction to Innovation Procurement Public space

    On the 27ht of October the European Assistance for Innovation Procurement (EAFIP) organises the webinar Introduction to Innovation Procurement.

    This 90-minute webinar offers an introduction to Innovation Procurement specially addressed to public procurers who start to explore and apply this instrument.

    The workshop brings together experts in the field who will share their knowledge and provide guidance. The policy and legal foundations of Pre-Commercial Procurement and Public Procurement of...

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  • New vacancy at ICLEI - Senior Officer for Sustainable Procurement Public space

    ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability is further growing its Sustainable Economy and Procurement team.

    We are looking for a Senior Officer for Sustainable Procurement.

    The deadline to apply is set for 6 November 2022. Find attached the job offer.

    For more information contact: or visit:

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  • Webinar Climate Change: Procure Greener through Innovation Procurement Public space

    Join the next EAFIP-webinar on how to procure greener through innovation procurement on

    6th October 2022 (9:30 – 12:30 CEST)

    During this 3-hour webinar the centrall question how to tackle climate change challenges through Innovation Procurement will be answered.

    The webinar gives insight into:

    • How to procure greener?
    • How will the new EU legislation impact your procurement?
    • How to implement a procurement strategy for sustainability and innovation?
    • ...

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  • Smart City Challenges - Brokerage Event Public space

    Come and join this year’s Brokerage 2022 - Smart city Challenges, in Barcelona 15-17/Nov.

    The event is the opportunity to meet with public officers, private companies, innovation suppliers and investors from around the world. To better understand the available solutions and benchmark with best practices, gaining efficiency and effectiveness in Smart City projects. During the 3 days, around 1,000 pre-scheduled B2B and B2Gs meetings will be held.

    Find more details here https://smartcity2...

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  • iProcureSecurity PCP - JOIN THE TEAM! Public space

    The iProcureSecurity PCP is looking for external public procurers from the Emergency Medical Services, willing to join the project Observer Board. The selected external procurers will be able to:

    ✔️Access the iProcureSecurity PCP network, which involves relevant end-users and connects several stakeholders

    ✔️Get insights on the PCP process and on how your organisation can benefit from it
    ✔️Join the conversation on the latest developments in digital triage manageme...

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  • Fully-funded PhD position on public procurement for innovation and sustainability Public space

    We are looking for a highly-motivated PhD student on "Fostering inclusive economic growth through public procurement for innovation and sustainability" for the European project DemoTrans, a four-year, €2.74M Research and Innovation Action under Horizon Europe. The 4-year, 1.0FTE position is fully-funded.

    The candidate will be part of the Innovation Studies group of the top-ranking Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, and will work clo...

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  • Sustainable procurement for nutritious school food - webinar FAO Public space

    dear everybody

    webinar below could be of interest. Notice has come from Luana Swensson of FAO - see below

    Mark Stein

    Dear colleagues,

    We are very glad to invite you to the below webinar on “Sustainable procurement for nutritious food” jointly organized by FAO and WFP.

    27 September 2022| 15:00 / 16:30 (CEST) |Online

    Webinar: Sustainable procurement for nutritious school food: the importance of procurement to...

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  • Small plate, big impact: show your support for sustainable food procurement Public space

    As part of the Buy Better Food Campaign, ICLEI has initiated an EU-wide petition for ‘A healthy meal for every child in every School’. The petition invite cities and the general public to urge EU and national policy makers to spend public money more responsibly and supply healthy food in schools to all children. The petition goes hand in hand with the biggest EU-funded project on sustainable food procurement: SchoolFood4Change.

    On the 11th October (in Brussels), ICLEI is organising a hi...

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  • Accepting Nominations: Oct 4-6 GEC & ERA EU Sustainability & Public Procurement Law online course Public space

    The Global Electronics Council (GEC), in partnership with The Academy of European Law (ERA), is currently accepting nominations to attend the EU Sustainability & Public Procurement Law online course taking place from Oct 4-6, 2022. This is an invite-only course targeted to leaders in the public procurement and/or sustainable policy field. There is a limited number of seats available, and tuition is free for all invited attendees.

    The online course focuses on European public procurement law...

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  • Why and how should public buyers implement social and sustainable criteria in their purchases? Public space

    Looking for something to read this Friday? Why don't you have a look at this article by Delfina Curi and Jon Jonoski published by Apolitical?

    Why and how should public buyers implement social and sustainable criteria in their purchases?

    Have a nice weekend!

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  • EU Innovation Procurement Observatory Public space

    The European Commission just launched a procurement that aims set up an observatory that tracks national policy frameworks / initiatives and investments on innovation procurement in the digital economy around Europe and that engages public buyers, policy makers and citizens across Europe to share good practices. Economic operators interested in this call are invited to submit a tender by 6 October 2022 via the electronic submission system (e-Submission) available from the TED e-Tendering website...

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  • Promote your mobility solutions & opportunities Public space

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  • Verlegging aanbestedingsplicht naar VvE? Public space
    Latest comment

    Beste Sanna,

    Interessante vraag. Ik kan op je vraag ingaan door je te vertellen hoe dit bij de Rijksoverheid gebeurt. De panden van de Rijksoverheid worden beheerd door het Rijksvastgoedbedrijf. In deze panden worden diverse rijks"klanten" of rijksonderdelen gehuisvest, waarbij het ook voorkomt dat er meerdere verschillende rijksonderdelen in eenzelfde pand zitten. Het Rijksvastgoed bedrijf heeft dan de functie van "verhuurder", zorgt voor oa voor het beheer en onderhoud, regelt verbouwingen...

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  • Share your insight on the barriers to the diffusion of circular and green public procurement Public space

    Which skills do you think could help you be more active in circular and green public procurement? What are the barriers that hamper the diffusion of circular and green public procurement? If you are a company, you can share your insight with the GREENER partners via the on-going online survey and contribute to embedding circular and green requirements into the procurement process.

    The survey is available in different languages: English, French, Dutch, Bulgarian, Italian and Spanish.

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  • Survey PROTECT - Procuring Innovative Climate Change Services Public space

    Public authorities must advance their climate adaptation and mitigation policies and actions and public procurement can be a strategic and powerful lever in this regard.

    The newly launched EU-funded Pan-European project PROTECT seeks to support urgent action for climate adaptation and mitigation through innovation procurement procedures.
    PROTECT aims to enable public authorities from different European regions to collaborate in the preparation of innovation procurement projects that suppor...

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  • 2nd Explanatory Workshop about TIQUE PCP Public space

    Second Call-For-Tender Explanatory Workshop

    July 21, 2022 at 11:00 CEST

    TIQUE is carrying out an Explanatory Workshop about the Call For Tender which aims to:

    • Inform potential suppliers (industry) about TIQUE pre-commercial procurement opportunities and explain in detail the call for tender process.
    • Explain the call for tender documents bidders need to present.
    • Clarify any doubt that may have arisen related to the tender docs.
    • Facilitate matchmaking among potential supp...

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  • RITMOCORE PPI FINAL DAY - Save the date - September 13, 2022 Public space

    Dear colleagues,

    RITMOCORE-PPI, a European Commission co-funded project (GA: 727796) is coming to an end after five years of development and implementation. It has been a ground-breaking project towards the transformation of the public procurement system, aligning the interests of cross-border stakeholders towards a patient-centred care.

    RITMOCORE-PPI focused on servitising the procurement of pacemakers, challenging providers to enter into long term partnerships with hospitals, where...

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  • Don't forget to apply! Vacancies for the ICLEI's Sustainable Economy and Procurement Team Public space

    ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability is further growing its Sustainable Economy and Procurement team. Two new positions are still open:

    • Senior Officer in Sustainable and Innovation Procurement
    • City to Business Collaboration Officer

    The deadline to apply for both positions is coming up, it's on 15 July 2022. Find attached the job offers.

    For more information contact: or visit:

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  • Webinar | Strategic procurement in healthcare: Realising the full potential Public space

    On Tuesday, 19 July from 11:30 to 12:00 CET, the EcoQUIP+ project will be hosting a webinar titled 'Strategic procurement in healthcare: Realising the full potential of your procurement spend'.

    Webinar description

    Do you have a specific challenge within your care setting that needs a better solution than what is currently available? Do you wonder how to make the most out of your suppliers?

    This short ted-talk format webinar will discuss how health managers can realise the full power of...

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  • iProcureSecurity PCP - Online Webinar Public space

    The iProcureSecurity PCP project officially launched the 6,7 mio Call for Tender. The scope of the project is to innovate and digitalise the Triage Management System during Mass Casualty Incidents in order to optimise the response, interoperability, decision-making process and data & communication sharing among the Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

    If you are interested to take part in the Call for Tender, and you want to know more about the PCP and Tender procedures, participate to the upc...

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  • BroadGNSS Partnering Event 5 July in Brussels! Public space

    BroadGNSS is a Pre-Commercial Procurement Project (PCP) with a 2 million euros budget to procure Applications, Synchronisation and Monitoring of Critical Mobile Broadband Communication Infrastructure and Information Assets for Public Protection and Disaster Recovery (PPDR) Operations.

    Due to the lack of bids received on the 2nd of May 2022, the group of procurers has decided to improve the competition by attracting more suppliers to the PCP and modifying the evaluation scheme as well as ex...

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