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  • Competitive dialogue as a basis for PPI Public space

    In the framework of the Syncro project, a PPI project in the field of smart roads, we are experimenting the competitive dialog as a way to go through with companies concerning their innovative solutions.

    The idea is to get different proposals able to comply with the purchasing authorities needs and to choose the best proposal for the construction of a pilot system.

    Should there be any public procurer interested in this topic, we would be pleased to share this experience with them.


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  • PCP and PPI: How to be more efficient in Procurement : The Speakers Public space

    INSPIRE project is organizing it's 3rd Workshop in Barcelona on the 26th of March 2015. If you wish to know more about the speakers, check their profiles here :

    Free registration, click here:

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  • Join our SUNROAD project consultation Public space

    SUNROAD is an EU funded project, which develops a Strategic Roadmap of demand-side policy measures to foster the market up-take of European Photovoltaic innovations. This project finalizes at the End of June 2015. Find enclosed a Summary that include the most potential demand side PV measures considering the results that we have obtained from surveys, workshops and meetings with experts in previous phases of the project. Furthermore Public Procurement of Innovation is including in this list....

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  • Join our webinar: New criteria on IT-products in TCO Certified Public space

    Environment, social responsibility, along with user health and safety are issues that are gaining in priority with buyers around the world and are increasingly included in legislation such as the EU Public Purchasing Directive from 2014. Focus of the new generation TCO Certified will continue to be environmental, social and economic sustainability throughout the product life cycle. Draft criteria will be based on our ongoing research and dialog with stakeholders from multiple fields of exper...

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  • PCP and PPI: How to be more efficient in Procurement – Barcelona Workshop Public space

    When: 9:00 – 17:30 - March 26th, 2015

    Venue: C/ Girona, 20, Barcelona (headquarters of the Escola d’Administració Pública de Catalunya)

    Free Registration:

    The INSPIRE consortium is please to invite you to its third Workshop, that will be held in collaboration with the Escola d'Administration Pública de Catalunya, on the 26 of March 2015. European experts working with Health and Social care organizations and renewal of their services (...

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  • EU Renewable Electricity GPP Criteria Public space

    The call for tenders for the Renewable Electricity GPP criteria revision is now available on the tenders section of the DG Energy homepage: Deadline for submissions is 15 April. For questions related to the tender, please contact:

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  • EU Member State Survey on GPP Criteria for Low GWP Alternatives to HFCs Public space

    The new EU F-Gas Regulation (517/2014) will drive a large reduction in the consumption of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) in the EU. By 2030 an 80% cut in the amount of HFCs that can be placed on the market must have occured. To achieve this reduction, users of HFCs will need to use alternative gases with much lower global warming potentials (GWPs).

    The European Commission DG CLIMA has launched a study to investigate challenges related to the uptake of low GWP alternatives to HFCs. As part of the...

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  • Public Procurement Meeting (18th March – Cardiff, UK): Practice and Networking Opportunities are open to you! Public space

    Public Procurement Meeting : Get ready for a truly practical session to inspire actions in Public Procurement!

    Clik here for online registrations -

    FAPPE = Faster Adoption of Public e-Procurement in Europe FOR Sharing Experiences in Public Procurement =)

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  • Improved Procurement Forum on the way Public space

    Dear Procurement Forum members,

    Based on the results from the user satisfaction survey (thanks again to everyone who completed it!) we will undertake some key improvements and implement new features in the second half of 2015. Amongst others these include:

    • An option to change the language of the Forum interface allowing national groups to have their own default language
    • Group managers will be able to create subgroups within a group
    • Group managers will be able to customise their group...

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  • Less than one month remaining to submit your procurement for the PPI Award 2015 Public space

    Following the success of the inaugural edition, public procurers who have worked with the private sector to purchase innovative, more effective and efficient products or services are invited to apply for the Public Procurement of Innovation Award 2015. The award is open to applicants from national, regional and local public authorities, while nominees for the 2014 PPI Award can apply using a new or improved tender. To take part, fill in the application form and submit it to info@innovation-pr...

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