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  • Virtual Study Tour - PlastiCircle pilot in Alba Iulia Public space

    As part of the Circular Week 2020, PlastiCircle is organising a virtual study tour to the pilot in Alba Iulia (Romania). City authorities, waste managers, procurers, companies and other plastic stakeholders are invited to join this meeting taking place next October, 15 (10:00 - 11.00 CEST).

    The PlastiCircle approach will be presented so that others can learn from the project experience, and think about replicating or adapting the solutions, technologies and processes developed and imple...

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  • Call for papers - Special Issue Sustainability Journal - Public food procurement Public space

    Dear coleagues,

    I would like to share with you this call for papers of a Special Issue of Sustainability, an international Open Access journal which provides an advanced forum for research findings in areas related to sustainability and sustainable development. This Special Issue on "Public Food Procurement: A Transformative Instrument for Sustainable Food Systems" will collect articles from academics, researchers, and practitioners exploring innovative approaches and methods in the field o...

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  • What is socially responsible public procurement? Public space

    This video will answer this question:

    If you want to know more, join:

    2 October (9:30 - 11:00 CEST) - Socially responsible procurement session at Mannheim2020.

    This session explores the following questions: What are key challenges and drivers when getting started on sustainable or innovation procurement? How can procurement be used to influence global supply-chains such as electronics? What are examples for the difference that socially responsible proc...

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  • Strategic actions to integrate GPP into the policy instruments and ensure their effective implementation Public space

    The webinar, organized within GPP-STREAM Project, is aimed at sharing the experience gained by the GPP-STREAM partners regarding the integration of green public procurement (GPP) into policy instruments.

    The first section of the event will provide an overview of the types of strategic measures which inspired the partners’ actions in relation to their respective policy instruments.
    The second section will be dedicated to two concrete good examples of actions included in the partners’ Action Pla...

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  • How to do procurement socially responsible? Public space

    Join us to explore this question further at ICLEI's European Conference on Sustainable Cities and Towns - October 2nd 9.30-11am.

    Learn from the first hand experiences in the cities of Copenhagen, Oslo, Stavanger and Government of Catalonia as well as from perspective of the European Commission.

    Find out more here:

    Looking forward to welcoming you there!

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  • The ProEmpower PCP project is presenting its two solutions for diabetes management Public space

    The ProEmpower PCP project ( is in its final stage, with interesting results to be shared about the experience of four healthcare providers in co-developing and testing two solutions for diabetes mellitus management for their patient populations.

    The project is organising an online conference on 23 September 2020 10:00 – 11:30 CET.

    Register for the conference:

    Two solutions have been developed i...

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  • The HSMonitor Call for Tender has been published Public space

    The Call for Tender will be open until 13 November 2020. The Pre-commercial Procurement will be carried out for a value of up to € 4,620,000

    ICT-enabled monitoring to improve health status and optimise hypertension care

    The HSMonitor procurers are looking for a solution to improve care and prevention of hypertension. The project aims to advantage R&D state of the art to move well beyond current practice in the management (detection, prevention, self-management and treatment) of hyperten...

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  • Join us for a workshop on digital and climate-neutral transformation at the Nordic Edge Expo Public space

    As part of the Nordic Edge Expo 2020, ICLEI is organising a free online workshop on the topic of Digital Transformation for Climate-Neutral Cities.

    The session will take place on Wednesday 23d September 2020 from 13:00-15:00 CET. It will explore the opportunities that digital transformation and advanced technologies provide for cities & communities to answer to challenges such as climate change, economic recession and now also the COVID-19 pandemic. The role of public procurement in sup...

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  • Innovation procurement: examples and inspiration from Austria and the Netherlands Public space

    Date: 7 October

    Time: 13.00 - 15.00

    The Austrian and Dutch competence centres for innovation procurement, members of the Procure2Innovate network (, will share their experiences of promoting innovation procurement. Cases and best practice examples will be shared to enforce the understanding of innovation procurement.

    This webinar is for everyone who is interested in learning more about innovation procurement.

    Johanna Enberg, Innovation...

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  • Healthcare Brokerage Event 2020, also for public procurers Public space

    In the week of the MEDICA trade fair (16 to 19 November) as well as on other selected data, contracting authorities, public procurers can conduct free discussions with suppliers of innovative solutions and with buyers within the framework of a brokerage event. In addition, online events are organised.

    MEDICA is the world’s largest event for the medical industry and for many years a fixed size in the calendar of all medical experts. The year 2020 is a very special year. The effects of the Co...

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  • Online workshop: The power of sustainable procurement Public space

    During the European Week of Regions and Cities, we will organise an online workshop on The power of sustainable procurement (14 October, 16.30 - 18.00).

    The goal of this workshop is to inspire European, national, regional and local government officials and experts by presenting good practice case-studies on sustainable procurement, including green and social criteria.

    On behalf of the European Commission, ICLEI and AEIDL have written a report on good practices in socially responsib...

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  • SMART CITY BARCELONA- Public Procurement of Innovation Public space

    Brokerage Event & Webinars, November 18

    I would like to invite you to participate in the WORKSHOP OF PUBLIC PROCUREMENT OF INNOVATION that will take place online during Smart City Live on the 18th of November.

    The programme is aimed at Managers of Innovation departments of public institutions who are planning to launch pre-commercial procurement tenders within the next 3 years or to those who will have open tenders or ongoing market consultations during the dates of the event.


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  • WEBINAR: Education and Development for Procurement Professionals in the Post-COVID era Public space

    Hear from industry expert and Programme Director, Michael Bowsher QC on the impact of COVID-19 on the Procurement industry and more. Gain an understanding of the importance of Education and Development for Procurement Professionals at this crucial time.

    Click the link below to watch the video now.

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  • ePitching to Procurers-session on COVID-19 mid November 2020 Public space

    The European Innovation Council is organising a second ePitching to Procurers-session on COVID-19 mid November 2020. The goal is to connect public and private procurers from the health sector with EIC-funded companies providing medical supply and innovative technologies (e.g. tele-medicine, remote solutions, artificial intelligence for data analysis and prediction, supply chain management, logistics) as a solution to the COVID-19 pandemic. This specific call is solely for public and private proc...

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  • New energy efficiency labels explained - Virtual session Public space

    How much do you know about the new European energy labelling? How much and how will it affect energy saving and everyday life for citizens, businesses, and public administrations?

    This Q&A session at European Week of Regions and Cities will answer doubts about the entry into force of Regulation (EU) 2017/1369 in March 2021. The regulation introduces new labelling that has been designed to provide consumers with accurate, recognisable, and comparable information regarding energy consumpt...

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  • Accepting Nominations by Sept 14th: Free GEC & ERA hosted Procurement & Sustainability online course October 6-8th Public space

    ANNOUNCEMENT: EU Public Procurement Law & Sustainability course October 6 – 8, 2020

    The Green Electronics Council (GEC) in partnership with one of the leading legal institutions in Europe, the Academy of European Law (ERA) are proud to host a special EU Public Procurement Law & Sustainability course taking place from October 6 – 8, 2020. This is an invite-only course dedicated to leaders in the public procurement and/or policy field. There are a limited number of seats and the course is tui...

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  • New EU GPP criteria for imaging equipment, consumables, and print services published Public space

    The European Commission has just published new voluntary EU GPP criteria for imaging equipment, consumables, and print services.

    The new criteria include both core and comprehensive environmental criteria, which are verifiable and encompass the whole life cycle (design, use and end-of-life). Typical routes for procuring imaging equipment products and services are covered, including the equipment, consumables such as cartridges, and services related to imaging equipment.

    The new criteria...

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    The AluCircles initiative, supported by Allied Waters and Corvers Commercial & Legal Affairs, has launched the first Pan-European Innovation Partnership procedure on the development of beneficial use of aluminium sludge, a residual from drinking water treatment. AluCircles has been initiated by three leading European organisations in the drinking water industry: Aqua Minerals (NL), De Watergroep (BE) and Scottish Water (UK).

    Market parties are invited to propose their innovative solutions.


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  • Revision of the EU GPP Criteria for Computers and Monitors (and extension to Smartphones) – Second Draft Proposal Public space
    Latest comment

    Hi Steve, thanks for letting me know. I can put you in touch.

    There was a mistake in the email address which has been corrected.



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  • Informative session for replicating PROMINENT MED as a model of Public Procurement of Innovation Public space

    The department of architecture of the municipality of Alzira has taken an informative event about the implementation of public procurement of innovation. The workshop has been carried out by the PROMINENT MED Spanish Partners, Consorci de la Ribera and Universitat Politecnica de València. Several questions have been brought for the debate:

    • In which phase of the project will PPI give more benefits?
    • Which are the advantages of PPI in contrast to traditional procurement?
    • Which is the role...

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  • Top-level research and industrial consortia win ARCHIVER tender Public space

    Arkivum, GMV, LIBNOVA, RHEA Group and T-Systems are the leaders of the five projects selected via the ARCHIVER Pre-commercial Procurement Tender to design the components of its hybrid archival and preservation services

    June 2020

    On 29 January 2020 the ARCHIVER project launched its Pre-Commercial Procurement Request for Tenders with the purpose to award several Framework Agreements and work orders for the provision of R&D for hybrid end-to-end archival and preservation services that meet...

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  • Replicability of PROMINENT MED to develop Public Procurement of Innovation Public space

    A new initiative to develop Public procurement of Innovation in small Mediterranean municipalities takes off in Alzira, Spain, as a result of the transferability actions of the Prominent MED project. During the years 2019 and 2020, the municipality of Alzira will work in boosting green growth in the field of energy efficiency, looking for passive and active technologies in the new building for the municipal police. In particular, the aim is to look for new solutions in the covers and envelopes...

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  • Lessons learnt at the Transferability workshop in UPV – Highlights by Cesar Monés, representative of the Municipality of Vinarós, Spain, showcasing the project EFICENED Public space

    A technical workshop took place in the Universitat Politècnica de València, focused on small and medium enterprises, as well as research and technological organisations, to share the lessons learnt during the implementation of PROMINENT MED. The main highlights of the experts who participated in the panels are gathered in the following lines.

    Cesar Monés, representative of the Municipality of Vinarós, Spain, showcased the project EFICENED, which is framed under the Strategy of Urban Develop...

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  • Webinar Invitation: Innovation Procurement Broker – Experiences & Business Model Public space

    Dear all

    The InnoBrokers team is glad to invite you to a webinar on 30 of July at 15:00 to present the findings from the regional pilots and in particular the Innovation Procurement Business Model.

    Innovation Procurement brokers from 5 pilot regions in the Upper Austria Region, Denmark, North Rhine Westfalia (Germany), Ireland and Andalusia (Spain) will share key learnings on how they supported public buyers in procuring sustainable and innovative solutions.

    From the experience of these...

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  • Lessons learnt at the Transferability workshop in UPV – Highlights by Salvador Martínez, representative of the Office of Development of the Valencian Regional Ministry of Universal Health, showcasing other PPI cases in Spain Public space

    A technical workshop took place in the Universitat Politècnica de València, focused on small and medium enterprises, as well as research and technological organisations, to share the lessons learnt during the implementation of PROMINENT MED. The main highlights of the experts who participated in the panels are gathered in the following lines.

    Salvador Martínez, representative of the Office of Development of the Valencian Regional Ministry of Universal Health, showcasing other PPI cases in Sp...

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