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  • U.S. EPA Pilot Effort to Assess Greener Building Product Standards and Ecolabels Public space

    With the goal of creating positive, measurable, and meaningful change in the environmental performance of products and services procured by the U.S. Government, the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program is pleased to announce the availability of criteria (.doc and .xls) for assessing standards and ecolabels. The criteria is the hard work of a balanced group of experts and stakeholders convened by EPA in a Pilot effort over the past year to...

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  • innovation partnership Public space
    Innovation partnership in Denmark

    Denmark has ongoing projects using the innovation partnership procedure. The project involves municipalities working to solve the challenge of dehydration amongst elderly. Contact the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority
    Carl Jacobsens Vej 35
    2500 Valby

    Phone: +45 41 71 50 00
    Fax: +45 41 71 51 00

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  • Droombaan: Inkoopadviseur in een tropische omgeving ! Public space

    Ga jij de uitdaging aan om in multidisciplinaire teams (Europese) aanbestedingen succesvol te begeleiden?

    Are you up for the challenge to successfully supervise (European) tenders within multidisciplinary teams?

    Abo ta bai aseptá e reto pa guia ku éksito destahonan den timnan multidisiplinario (oropeo)?

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  • Introducing the European Catalogue of ICT Standards for Public Procurement study Public space

    DG CONNECT and GD GROWTH have commissioned a study to establish and launch a European Catalogue of ICT Standards for public procurement. The objective of this European Catalogue is to provide a one-stop-shop at the EU level to support and guide public procurers when referring to ICT standards and technical specification in their call for tenders. As part of this study we are inviting those involved in public procurement activities within Member States to complete a survey to collect their view...

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  • Report: Sustainability lacking in public purchasing Public space

    All too often, public funds are used to purchase goods and services that are selected without regard for environmental or social responsibility. In Europe, the new EU Public Purchasing Directive offers governments an opportunity to tighten legislation surrounding sustainable purchasing, and for buyers at the local level to take advantage of existing opportunities to make more sustainable product choices. A new report fro...

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  • InnProBio survey sheds light on barriers and hurdles for procurers and providers Public space

    For the survey results and what InnProBio plans to make out of it, please see our website and the report!

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  • Dynamisch inkoopsysteem voor inhuur na 1 juli 2016 Public space
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    Dag René,

    Ook wij (Waterschap De Stichtse Rijnlanden) hebben de omslag naar de DAS (Negometrix) gemaakt. De voorbereiding was het meeste werk en nu hebben we een duidelijke structuur in het geheel. Ria van Os heeft ons goed geholpen!

    Met vriendelijke g


    Natascha van Stuijvenberg

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  • Expert Group on Bio-based Product Published Recommendations on PP Public space

    15 Action Points for Stakeholders and the Commission to take up. I would be curious to hear what professionals from the public procurement sector think about them:

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  • Energy Assessment of buildings at urban scale Public space

    Project Overview SUNSHINE delivers an extensible open toolkit featuring three smart services for:

    • energy assessment of buildings at urban scale for the creation of “ecomaps” and their energy pre-certification;
    • optimisation of energy consumption of heating/cooling systems based on localised weather forecasts and energy modelling of buildings;
    • optimisation of power consumption through remote control of public illumination levels.

    The toolkit will be delivered as interoperable open mi...

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  • eafip Free Assistance for public procurers - 5 days left! Public space

    The deadline for applying for the eafip free Assistance is fast approaching, only 5 days left!

    By taking a few minutes to fill-in the form, you will have the chance to be one of the 12 public procurers to receive the much needed assistance (including legal assistance) for your PPI or PCP project.

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  • New Procura+ Participant: City of Tampere Public space

    It is my pleasure to welcome to Procura+ our newest Participant, the City of Tampere. Tampere is the third largest city in Finland and for a number of years has participated in national networks concerning resource efficiency, sustainable development, environmental indicators and sustainable public procurement.

    You can view the Tampere Participant page on the Procura+ website here. The city contact is Enni Leppälä, Planning Officer in the City of Tampere Sustainable Community Unit.

    I look for...

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  • New Buying Green! Handbook now available Public space

    New Buying Green! Handbook now available

    The new edition of the European Commission’s Buying Green! Handbook has been published. The third edition of the Handbook has been fully revised to detail the possibilities of how contracting bodies can put their green public procurement (GPP) policies into practice under the 2014 Procurement Directives.

    Buying Green! is the European Commission’s leading publication for assisting public sector entities to purchase goods and services that have a...

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  • Aged Inventory Public space

    Hi guys,

    I am an intern in an IT Company. I have been tasked with developing a market comparison of aged inventory within the industry. This involves a high level overview of aged inventory witinin the company along with vendor managed inventory within the company, some sort of industry benchmark (ie who is the best at managing aged inventory within the industry), how we are doing compared to that benchmark, changes we need to make to reports, targets, etc.

    Aged inventory is a very co...

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  • New report Public space

    'In Good Hands; tackling labour rights concerns in the manufacture of medical gloves'

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  • Leasecontracten auto's Public space
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    Beste Paul,

    Ik lees je reactie, is het goed dat ik of een collega van mij ook contact op neemt met Rob van Dijk? Gemeente Utrecht zit met zelfde soort vragen momenteel. Wij gaan een marktconsultatie uitzetten over de mogelijke contractvormen.


    Sara Rademaker

    adviseur duurzaam inkopen gemeente Utrecht

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  • Registrations open for eafip Workshop for Security Sector Procurers Public space

    You now have the chance to register for the eafip Workshop for Security Sector Public Procurers, which will be held in the War Museum in Riga, Latvia on the 9th June 2016.

    For this particular workshop we welcome public procurers in the security / defence / law enforcement / disaster and crisis management sector.

    We are looking forward to meeting you there!

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  • eafip needs information from you! Public space

    The European Commission is collecting data from key public procurers with potential interest in procuring new innovative solutions in the coming years.
    The results will help prioritise these needs in the upcoming years, in view of allocating funding for calls under the next Horizon 2020 Work Programme (2018 – 2020).

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  • eafip Assistance for Public Sector Procurors Public space

    Don't miss out on filling in the eafip Assistance questionnaire, deadline 17th April 2016.

    The eafip initiative will support 12 procurers in developing a PCP or PPI by providing assistance (including legal assistance) in the start-up and implementation of an innovation procurement.

    All public procurers from EU member states are eligible to apply for assistance.

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  • Switching to biodiesel a cost effective way to cut CO2 - new report Public space

    New GLA report at Shows switching to B20 biodiesel compares favourably to other common CO2 reduction measures implemented by local authorities. The report is designed to help local authorities in developing their carbon management plans and fuel procurement processes in the transition to zero emissions transport. Links also to circular economy procurement

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  • Vacature senior inkoopadviseur Public space

    Graag maak ik jullie attent op de vacature voor een senior inkoopadviseur die bij het Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier is ontstaan.

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  • aanbesteding trainee Public space

    Dag Bertrik,

    Wij hebben inmiddels een aantal trainees binnen via aanbestedingen. Misschien heb je er wat aan.

    Je kunt me bereiken via dit mailadres:


    Gert Jan Logtenberg


    gem. Apeldoorn

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  • Innovative Waste Management Solutions - International Event in Bilbao Public space

    We are delighted to announce the upcoming international State of the Art Workshop for Innovative Waste Management Solutions!

    The event will take place on 26 April in Bilbao and will bring together public procurers, suppliers and consultants in the field of waste management from all over Europe to discuss procurement needs and showcase state of the art solutions for specific areas of waste management. There will be a special focus on:
    - Plastic separation
    - Bio-waste collection
    - Bulky wast...

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  • LCC comparison of LED and HPS streetlighting Public space
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    i think this study is based only in economical data, and sure the HPS is cheaper than the led. But, so many? I dont think so.

    The economic study doesnt take into account the CO2 emissions, the quality of light, the colour reproduction, the uniformity, the luminous flux... How do you integrate these factors into an economical study?

    For the led, it is possible to reduce the luminosity by a 80%-90% in low demand conditions while the HPS only by 40%. Was it taken into account?

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  • Intersting link about Sustainable Public Procurement (in Dutch) Public space

    For your interest:

    On the following interesting link (unfortunately in Dutch language only) information can be found about Sustainable Public Procurement by the Dutch government.

    Also about biobased (?) / watch that short movie! Find out yourself...

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  • Hospital de la Santa Creu I Sant Pau (Sant Pau) launches call for tenders on STOPandGO services to procure comprehensive treatment, enhanced by digital technologies, for patients with automated implantable cardioverter defibrillator Public space

    On 19th February 2016, Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau (Barcelona) launched the Call for tenders on STOPandGO services to procure comprehensive treatment, enhanced by digital technologies, for patients with automated implantable cardioverter defibrillator (AICD). The call will be open for tenders until the 23rd March 2016 at 14:00 CET.

    In this STOPandGo pilot procurement, the Hospital adapted the EST (European Specification Template) to re-define the treatment delivery for patients with...

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