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  • Vacancy: Officer Sustainable Economy and Procurement at ICLEI Public space

    The European Secretariat of ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability seeks to fill the position of Officer within its Sustainable Economy and Procurement team. The role has a focus on financing sustainable urban development and infrastructure.

    The team has been working on the topic of sustainable, strategic and innovation procurement for 22 years. In more recent years the team are also working on the topic of financing and sustainable local economies. The team support public authorities i...

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  • Interview with the PPPI Service Center in Austria Public space

    Dear all,

    I would like to share the link to the interview with the PPPI Service Center - national competence centre for innovation procurement - in Austria, part of the Procure2Innovate Network. I think it might be of interest to you to learn more about the services they offer to procurers and business.

    Enjoy the reading!


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  • New initiative Alu Circles converts sludge waste in water plants into a valuable resource Public space

    Cost reduction and sustainability are already proven in practice for residuals from drinking water production including lime pellets and ferric sludges. Aluminium based sludges are the next target, the disposal of which comes at substantial and ever-increasing cost. Alu Circles, an international initiative based on PCP (Pre-Commercial Procurement) principles, will make this happen. The overall budget for Alu Circles amounts to 1.5 million €.

    Aluminium based sludges in drinking ...

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    Innovation cannot be a worn-out term. Since there are different approaches for innovation and it is allways a focus of discussion, it is still necessary to put it as a flagship for the development of society. Innovation is not a place to arrive and stay, but a mean to improve. In the core of companies, the philosophy of innovation should be a mindset to keep on being competitive and imaginative. Public administrations can play a key role for innovation to citizens by considering innovation in th...

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  • Mitigating LCC/TCO risks Public space

    As part of our work of support to our member States, we are looking for information and guidance related to the use of LCC in public procurement.

    More specifically, we are seeking for advice on the design of LCC tender documents that limit the risk of non-performance of the contractor in relation to its LCC-related commitments. For instance through the appropriate use of penalties or testing schemes.

    Could you kindly share with me specific tender documents using LCC in bids evaluation an...

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  • 3, 2, 1… Application to the Procura+ Awards 2019 is now open Public space

    Public authorities can now submit their candidacies to the 2019 edition of the Procura+ Awards, a major and prestigious recognition of procurements and related initiatives with remarkable economic, environmental and social impacts, or innovation elements. The Procura+ Awards is an initiative of ICLEI, in co-operation with the EU-funded Procure2Innovate project. The application period is open until 31st March.

    The awarded public authorities will receive a trophy and have the right to pro...

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    Latest comment

    Thanks for your comment. The elimination of the concept of economically most advantageous offer by the one with the best value for money is clear. However, I think you have to be careful with the claim: the valuation of the price has disappeared.
    I know that in Spain both the advisory board of the Ministry of Economy and the advisory board of administrative hiring of aragon have already expressed exceptionally not allowing it to be assessed.
    In my opinion you have to value the price. But it is t...

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  • New Research Public space

    I am pleased to announce the long-awaited release of a critical meta-analysis of packaging materials asking the basic question: ‘Do popular packaging attributes including recycled and biobased content, recyclability and compostability correlate with lower environmental impacts?’ This research reviewed publically available life cycle assessment (LCA) studies from 2000-2017. The significance of this research is that at present these attributes are used as a simplified means of making “sustai...

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  • EURECA project wins DCD Award for Industry Initiative of the year Public space

    During 3 years, the EURECA project ( focused on empowering public procurement teams to tackle the problem of data center energy efficiency and environmental soundness by developing common practices and procedures for Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) and Pre-commercial Procurement (PCP) for Data centers.

    Recently the lead partner of the project, Rabih Bashroush of the University of East London, received the DCD Award for Industry Initiative of the year.


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  • Register for GPP Helpdesk Webinar on Green Cleaning Products and Services: 18 December Public space

    Cleaning products and services are consumed by almost all public authorities, whether cleaning is provided in-house or contracted out.

    What can be done through public procurement to lessen the impacts that cleaning has on our environment?

    New guidance developed by the European Commission on green public procurement (GPP) and selected best practice from the public sector will be presented and discussed during this webinar.

    Sign up today for our Webinar!

    Date & time: Tuesday...

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  • Air quality and contract awarding Public space
    Latest comment

    Dear Nikita,

    On the Resource Centre of the Sustainable Procurement platform ( you find a range of case studies and good practice cases on the topic. Another good source of good practices is the GPP good practice cases published by the European Comission, with dedicated sections for transport and buildings/construction:

    I am attaching a couple of case studies that could be particu...

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  • Public Electronic Procurement in Cameroon: Using smart contracts on blockchain technology Public space

    Public contracts, electronic contract, blockchain, smart contracts, electronic signature.

    A public contract is a written contract by which an entrepreneur, a supplier or a service provider undertakes, either to carry out works, or to provide goods or services at a price to the State, a decentralized territorial community, a public institution or a public or parapublic company. This definition is given by the Cameroonian legislator.

    Given this definition, whatever the subject-matter of the...

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    The Spanish PROMINENT MED team had the challenge of refurbishing an old storage building in Alzira, València (Magatzem de Cucó, C/ La Pau 28, 46600, Alzira) in an energy efficient manner. The needs analysis revealed that the building was going to be the future youth municipal house and therefore it was planned to be diaphanous, acoustically-insulated, and thermally comfortable and energy efficient.

    The key cornerstones were to reduce the weight of the prize of acquisition of the supply, the c...

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  • Nieuw: TCO-tool voor dienstvoertuigen Public space
    Latest comment

    Dag collega's,

    Ik kan jullie ondertussen laten weten dat ook in Vlaanderen zo'n TCO-instrument bestaat. Je vindt het op Ik lees op de website:

    Vergelijk milieuvriendelijke en conventionele wagens

    Vergelijk de TCO van elektrische, plug-in hybride, aardgas-, waterstof- en brandstofwagens.
    En ontdek of het rijden met een milieuvriendelijke wagen voordeliger is.

    We hebben de trekker voor deze tool over jullie...

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  • Test the LCC tool for indoor lighting (first stage) Public space

    The Government of Flanders is developing an LCC tool for indoor lighting, based on the SMART SPP LCC tool ( The goal is to help governments in using life cycle costs to prepare tenders and evaluate offers for indoor lighting in their office buildings. The first stage of the development focused on gathering information on the lighting system and products offered and getting an overview of predictable financial costs related to the lighting system. Before entering a sec...

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  • Nieuw: TCO-tool voor dienstvoertuigen Public space

    Het Kabinet wil dat uiterlijk 2030 alle nieuwe auto’s in Nederland emissieloos zijn. Overheden spelen een belangrijke rol met het verduurzamen van hun eigen wagenpark. In praktijk blijkt dat de cijfermatige onderbouwing van de kosten en baten vaak nog ontbreekt en tot vertraging leidt. PIANOo introduceert daarom samen met het leernetwerk Inkoop Duurzame Mobiliteit de TCO-tool voor dienstvoertuigen. Met deze tool kunnen overheden in 5 stappen de haalbaarheid van de overgang naar zero emissie di...

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  • Nieuw: TCO-tool voor dienstvoertuigen Public space

    Het Kabinet wil dat uiterlijk 2030 alle nieuwe auto’s in Nederland emissieloos zijn. Overheden spelen een belangrijke rol met het verduurzamen van hun eigen wagenpark. In praktijk blijkt dat de cijfermatige onderbouwing van de kosten en baten vaak nog ontbreekt en tot vertraging leidt. PIANOo introduceert daarom samen met het leernetwerk Inkoop Duurzame Mobiliteit de TCO-tool voor dienstvoertuigen. Met deze tool kunnen overheden in 5 stappen de haalbaarheid van de overgang naar zero emissie di...

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  • GPP of electricity in Catalonia and 2nd Catalan GPP Newsletter Public space

    Dear all,

    Last month we published the 2nd Newsletter on GPP in Catalonia with news from the Catalan GPP Networking Group - available both in Catalan and English here :

    In the newsletter we took the oportunity to disseminate a report producted by the Group on: the state of procurement of green electricity by the members of the group, which include the main purchasing bodies in Catalonia; common aspects and differences be...

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  • Webinar Nov 29 - “The pursue of sustainable development objectives through public food procurement: literature and practice’’ Public space

    You are cordially invited to this webinar organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations on “The pursue of sustainable development objectives through public food procurement: literature and practice’’.

    Thursday, November 29th, 2018 | 15:00 – 16:30 | (CET)


    The seminar will be Presented by:

    Prof. Geo Quinot, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

    Luana Swensson, FAO (FAO/ESN)

    With intervention of Luisa Cr...

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  • Zero emission construction sites - call for interest Public space

    A number of cities have started to explore possibilities for promoting Zero Emission Construction Sites through procurement.

    Machinery used on construction sites is responsible for a significant amount of both CO2 emissions, and emissions of local pollutants such as particulates and NOx within cities - and finding solutions for significantly reducing, or completely eliminating these emissions would be hugely beneficial. And it seems that such solutions are starting to come onto the market....

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  • Webinar November 15: getting started with sustainable AV procurement Public space

    Why is the AV world quiet on sustainability? Purchasers of AV solutions focus is set on product performance and image quality but sustainability is seldom considered? The webinar explains that it is possible to find premium quality projectors and other products that are designed and made in a more environmentally and socially responsible way!

    After the webinar a series of articles to discuss the sustainability challenges and solutions in the AV sector will be launched.

    Sign up for the webi...

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  • LEA Webinars - innovation procurement in the learning technology field Public space

    Two further webinars have been announced as part of the LEA Webinar series!

    Webinar 4: Wednesday, 14 November 2018

    Topic: Suppliers’ experience of PCP - Case Almerin
    Expert: Teemu Laitinen - 10:30 am

    Webinar 5: Wednesday, 28 November 2018

    Topic: Professional competences required to utilize Innovative technologies in the classroom - LEA Needs Analysis
    Expert: Rita Freudenberg - 10:30 am

    In each webinar, Innovation pr...

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  • Join launch of TCO Certified, generation 8, December 4th in Brussels Public space

    TCO Certified, generation 8 is the largest step yet toward a circular and sustainable life cycle for IT products. It includes a wide range of updated and new criteria, designed to promote a circular approach to IT products along with transparency and responsibility in the supply chain. Supporting progress toward the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, the next generation of criteria helps brands and buyers to directly contribute to a more sustainable future.

    Participants at the event in Br...

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  • World Ecolabel Day 2018 October 25th Public space

    World Ecolabel Day 2018 October 25th is celebrated over the world. See what's going on …

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  • Webinar Ecolabel Day October 25th: Ecolabels used right — a tool for sustainable procurement Public space

    October 25 is World Ecolabel Day. Sign up for webinar to get insight in what labels to trust among all labels and standards claim they are proof of a more sustainable product. Sign up for webinar that will help you find the right strategies when working with ecolabels in sustainable procurement. Register

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