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  • Anouncement of TIQUE's OMC events Public space

    3 procurers from Spain, Sweden and Italy will spend €4.4M in developing a tech solution for #HeartFailure in Europe. Want to know more?
    Join TIQUE’s OMC events in October Registration is now open.

    #TIQUEOMC #innovation #research #eHealth #HeartFailure

    Hope to see you then!

    Follow us!
    Twitter @TIQUEPCP

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  • Innovation Procurement News Public space

    Welcome to the Innovation Procurement Newsletter – September issue

    A quick look at this month’s headlines:

    • Horizon Europe funding for innovation procurement
    • Apply for free of charge assistance for your next innovation procurement
    • News from EU funded projects
    1. Open market consultation: pre-commercial procurement – quick response for patients with advanced heart failure
    2. Open market consultation: pre-commercial procurement – integrated care for people with multimorbidity
    3. Call f...

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  • Conference on sustainable public meals, 13.10.2021 Public space

    Register for the StratKIT Final Conference 13/10

    Do you want to be inspired by how we can make public food procurement even greener? Then sign up for the StratKIT Final Conference on green public procurement and catering services taking place on 13/10 from 9:30 to 12:30 (CEST). The conference is held online.

    Please find the detailed agenda and register here.

    The Interreg Baltic Sea project StratKIT, which stands for Innovative Strategies for Public Catering: Sustainability Toolk...

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  • Smart City Barcelona: Workshops in PPI 17 November Public space

    The programme is aimed at Managers of Innovation departments of public institutions who are planning to launch innovation procurement tenders within the next 3 years, and those who will have open tenders or ongoing market consultations on the date of the event.

    We would like to invite you to share your early demand, market consultation or open tender with a wide public by presenting it in one of the mentioned onsite or online workshops. We would include your opportunity in our “Catalogue...

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  • More GPP News! Public space

    Welcome to the September issue of the Green Public Procurement (GPP) News Alert.

    A quick look at this month’s headlines:

    • New practical guidance to help public buyers with innovation procurement
    • Interview: Making meals more sustainable and healthier – results from Strength2Food. Angela Tregear, Professor of Marketing, University of Edinburgh Business School (United Kingdom)
    • Good practice case: Vending machines for food and beverages - University of Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy)
    • Zoom...

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  • PCP in the field of people flow analytics published Public space

    This week a Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) in the field of people flow analytics was published by the Muntstroom Living Lab project (a project supported by EAFIP and Innoviris).

    The Muntstroom project is a joint procurement of an integrated end-to-end solution for the outdoor and indoor monitoring of people flow. Since research showed that the desired integrated solution does not yet exist on the market, a PCP has been prepared and now published in order to have the desired integrated solut...

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  • New EU energy labelling system Public space

    Since March 2021, the EU has been implementing new regulations regarding energy labels. The new labelling requirements are progressively being rolled out to nine product categories, which has significant impacts for public procurers purchasing or leasing electric appliances.

    In order to assist public procurers with this transition, the BELT project has just published a White Paper summarising key provisions of the new EU energy labelling system and providing recommendations to public procur...

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  • Healthcare Brokerage Event MEDICA 2021 - free for public buyers - 1.10 - 23.12.2021 Public space

    MEDICA is the world's largest and most important trade fair in the field of medicine. For more than 20 years, ZENIT has been organising a cooperation exchange in cooperation with other European and international partners of the Enterprise Europe Network.

    The aim is to help companies, universities and research institutions find partners in Europe and worldwide for product development, manufacturing and licensing agreements, distribution/technology partnerships, financing/investment, public pro...

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  • Accepting Nominations: Sept 28-30th GEC & ERA EU Sustainability & Public Procurement Law online course Public space

    Sept 28-30th Course Invitation Response Form:

    The Global Electronics Council (GEC), in partnership with The Academy of European Law (ERA), is currently accepting nominations for the EU Sustainability & Public Procurement Law online course taking place from Sept 28-30, 2021. This is an invite-only course targeted to leaders in the public procurement and/or sustainable policy field. There is a limited number o...

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  • Last Chance to apply for the 2nd EAFIP call! Public space


    Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join the EAFIP family!

    EAFIP offers free legal/technical advice to public procurers across Europe to implement ICT innovation procurement projects (PCP/PPI).

    EAFIP provides local assistance to selected public procurers in the preparation and implementation of a PCP or PPI procurement, covering for instance scoping an already identified procurement need of innovative solutions, preparing and conducting an EU wide published...

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  • Participate in the European study of skills gaps for circular and green procurement Public space

    In the framework of GREENER project, we are analyzing skills gaps and barriers which hamper the diffusion of circular and green procurement.

    We would appreciate your participation through this questionnaire to know your opinion. Results will support the development of tailored training materials that will be free available.

    Thanks for your feedback!!

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  • Innovationsförderung der EU durch öffentliche Aufträge - Webinar 9.9.21 Public space

    Die Berliner Wirtschaftsförderung „Berlin Partner“ organisiert am 9.9.2021 (13.00-14.00) ein Webinar zum Thema Innovationsförderung der EU durch öffentliche Aufträge. Hierbei sollen die – oft unterschätzten – EU-Instrumente im Bereich der öffentlichen Vergabe vorgestellt werden, mit denen die Entwicklung von innovativen Lösungen gefördert wird.

    ZENIT als NRW-Kompetenzzentrum für die öffentliche Beschaffung von Innovationen im Rahmen des Enterprise Europe Network wird die beiden EU-Instrume...

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  • 3 days left to share ideas, products and research for making ROSIA’s Call for Tenders a success!!! Public space

    Companies, organizations and other market participants are cordially invited to fill out ROSIA’s Open Market Consultation Questionnaire to express their feedback about the innovation challeng2, experiences, existing solutions and PCP setup. We are gathering information about telerehabilitation, eHealth data integration and patients care. Your answers will help us to improve our upcoming Call for tenders

    Take some time to complete the questionnaire!

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  • We are hiring: Officer in Sustainable and Innovation Procurement Public space
    Less than a week left!

    You still have the chance to apply for this open position - deadline for applications is 31 August! #Hiring #SustainabilityJobs #NGOJobs #EUJobs

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  • Have your say in INCAREHEART Call for Tenders! Public space

    As part of the Open Market Consultation, INCAREHEART has made available an online questionnaire to obtain market feedback on the planned procurement. Do you have comments on any of the use cases? Do you think that the budget and timeframe of the project are appropriate? Let us know before the 31st of August.


    1. You can send the procurers suggestions for improvement and ideas for making the Call for Tenders a success. All the comments will...

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  • Aug 25th Webinar: Power of Federal Procurement Public space

    FREE Webinar: The Power of Federal Procurement
    Sustainable Acquisition, Circularity and Information Technology
    August 25 at 10:15 AM PDT / 1:15 PM EDT / 7:15 PM CET / 10:45 PM IST

    60-Minute Virtual Presentation
    With 15 Minutes of Live Questions and Answers

    The US Federal Government has been a leader in sustainable acquisition for more than two decades. Our panel discussion will address the importance of past and current federal sustainable acquisition initiatives in providing energy-r...

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  • Embodied carbon disclosure of ICT products Public space
    Latest comment


    Following on from Steve's message, we would be interested to know how your procurement thinking around carbon evolves, did you know that the MOD is thinking of imposing a carbon tax on all their ICT purchases in order to drive change in their supply chain ? Or that DEFRA's advice is to repair, reuse or purchase remanufactured instead of new as a last resort? What are your thoughts on any of this ?

    Your question.

    We are really happy that organisations are starting to ask these imp...

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  • ROSIA's Questionnaire is open until September 3rd Public space

    We are currently conducting a market questionnaire to better understand the state of telerehabilitation and the barriers to successful implementation, current trends, and future opportunities to advance Remote Rehabilitation for Isolated Areas procurement.

    We cordially invite you to participate in ROSIA's Questionnaire

    The questionnaire is open to all companies participating in various aspects of e-health procurement.

    We are investigating...

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  • Best Value webinar voor Belgische aankopers en inschrijvers Public space

    Best Value is een van de krachtigste nieuwe managementparadigma’s in het aankooplandschap. Dat blijkt uit de vele resultaten zowel uit de profit- als de non-profit organisaties.

    Centraal, staat bij Best Value het selecteren van de best beschikbare leverancier. De best beschikbare leverancier is de partij die de hoogste kwaliteit levert tegen de laagste prijs.

    Best Value is een filosofie die uit Amerika komt en reeds vele jaren wereldwijd ingezet wordt. Binnen Europa vooral in Nederland, No...

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  • Prior Information Notice for project TIQUE has been published in TED Public space

    We are proud to announce that a Prior Information Notice for project TIQUE has been published in TED (Tenders Electronic Daily -a Supplement of the Official Journal of the EU). This means TIQUE’s June 2022 tender is officially underway!

    Follow the link to read the notice:

    It also means an Open Market Consultation (OMC) involving the market in the design of the specifications of next year’s tender will be taking plac...

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  • ROSIA Open Market Consultation started July 12! Remote Rehabilitation Service for Isolated Areas Public space


    The three European public procurers participating in ROSIA are planning to invest, via a Pre-Commercial Procurement instrument (PCP), up to 3.9M€ to develop an ICT Innovation Ecosystem to meet telerehabilitation needs in isolated areas.

    In preparation for the PCP’s call for tender, and starting 12 July, ROSIA will conduct an Open Market Consultation (OMC) to design the tender’s requirements incorporating the market’s input.


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  • Latest GPP Newsalert is out! Public space

    A quick look at this month’s headlines:

    • Main article: Results of first reporting exercise on Strategic Procurement from the European Commission

    • Interview: Preparing the groundwork to improve action on GPP in Lithuania - ArÅ«nÄ— AndrulionienÄ—, Senior Advisor at the Public Procurement Office (Lithuania)

    • Good practice case: Poland’s first swimming pool meeting passive energy use standards - Municipality of Sulejów (Poland)

    • Good practice case: Kantoor2023: a sustainable and ci...

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  • European Cases of Innovation Procurement – examples of the different procurement steps- 16 September Public space

    On 16 September, four European innovation experts will present their public procurement on Innovation projects, focusing on different aspects of innovation procurement.

    • The Swedish example, focusing on the assessment phase, will talk about the adoption of AI by placing healthcare in the driver's seat and using innovation procurement as a strategic tool.
    • The Austrian presentation will highlight the usefulness of testing prior to implementing solutions. The use case presented will be about P...

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  • [BroadWay PCP project] End of Prototype Phase 2 & Launch of competition for Phase 3 Public space

    BroadWay is a Pre-Commercial Procurement Project funded under the Horizon 2020 Research Programme (Innovation activity to enable a pan-European broadband mobile system for PPDR, validated by sustainable test and evaluation capabilities). The project, running from 2018 to 2022, is coordinated by Public Safety Communication Europe (PSCE) and composed of 11 buyers from 11 EU countries, which are the organisations responsible for transitioning to broadband for Public Safety Communication...

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  • White Paper explaining the new EU Energy Label System to public buyers: now out! Public space

    Since March 2021, the EU has been implementing new regulations regarding energy labels. The new labelling requirements are progressively being rolled out to 9 product categories, which has significant impacts for public procurers purchasing or leasing electric appliances.

    In order to assist public procurers with this transition, the BELT project has just published a White Paper summarising key provisions of the new EU energy labelling system and providing recommendations to public procurers f...

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