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  • Buying into bio-based - Benefiting consumers now and for the future Public space
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    Thanks Moritz, it is a good summary infographic.


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  • Social Value Stars! Public space
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    Hi Snowia,

    I am the Social Value Lead in Halton and we have done a fair amount of innovative work with excellent outcomes which has gained national recognition and more recently awards.

    We too have developed a simple methodology which has beeen in place since 2013.

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  • 7.5 tonne trucks Public space
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    Thanks Snowia

    I just had a look at the LoCity Commercial Vehicle finder ( - very useful idea. Also looking forward to what the Policy, Procurement, Planning, and Practice working group comes up with - I understand there is a plan to develop some common procurement standards.


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  • Conference on Innovation Procurement - Tallinn, Estonia - 17 & 18 October Public space

    You now have the chance to register for the Conference on Innovation Procurement which will take place in Tallinn on the 17th and 18th October and the 2017 Procura+ Awards. The conference programme includes: Innovation procurement experiences in Europe, economic impact of innovation procurement, HORIZON 2020 calls supporting innovation procurements and much more!

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  • Water run-off Public space

    Hi all

    I am looking for examples of procurement where reduction of hazardous chemicals in water run-off was a consideration.

    There is a specific focus on buildings, road surfaces and recreational surfaces (but other examples would be welcome too!).

    Many thanks


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  • Presentations of the ANTISUPERBUGS EVENT in HEALTHIO available here Public space

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  • Forum maintenance downtime this weekend Public space

    Dear Forum users,

    The Procurement Forum will undergo some essential maintenance from 18.00 (CEST) this evening which will require downtime on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 May. During this period, Forum users may find that access to the site is disrupted or that the Forum website is offline.

    Thank you in advance for your patience. Normal service will resume from 09.00 on Monday 15 May.

    Kind regards,


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  • The first bioplastic coffee cup could prevent 2.5 billion takeaway cups going to landfill. Public space
    Let's leapfrog - reuse

    Talking about recycling, let us not forget to strengthen efforts to avoid waste at all. Let's leapfrog today, shifting to the next gear and enter the magic of reusable cups such as Freiburg and many more are doing:

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  • New paper on business case methodology published Public space

    A new working paper, entitled "Capturing Value in Innovation Procurement: A Business Case Methodology," has been published as part of the annual Corvers-MSM Chair of Innovation Procurement lecture and webinar. In the paper, we detail how to construct a business case for pre-commercial procurement (PCP) or the public procurement of innovative solutions (PPI) across six steps: 1) needs identification and assessment; 2) prior art analysis and intellectual property rights (IPR) search; 3) analysis o...

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  • Procurement of bio-based products Public space

    For those interested in learning more about procurement of bio-based products and services, here we share some of the information and discussions we had during the month of April in the specific group for this purpose.

    The InnProBio newsletter (issue 4) was sent out containing, among other information, articles about a good-practice case study on bio-based cups, and about a new factsheet on the links between circular economy and bioeconomy. You can read the newsletter here.

    In some d...

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  • Registration open: Strategic Public Procurement Conference - Paris 2 June Public space

    Dear Procurement Forum members,

    The European Commission’s DG GROW will host a conference on Strategic Public Procurement in Paris on 2 June which aims to raise awareness among decision makers and the procurement community about the benefits of strategic procurement, with an emphasis on sustainability, social responsibility and innovation.

    Prospective participants should complete the online registration form by 9 May
    to indicate their interest in attending the conference, which has limite...

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  • Blog post: Your tender can make or break a business case Public space

    By tapping into innovative solutions from the market, public outsourcing of ICT is one strategy to reduce public costs and increase the quality of end-user services. Reaching this goal depends on how well a tender call can support the business case for a procurer’s outsourcing project – whether the realized benefits outweigh the costs.

    In this blog post, Mr. Drs. Carolien Jobse and I provide a current example of public procurement of ICT by the municipality of Groningen in the Netherlands....

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  • European Commission's latest newsletter on GPP just published! Public space

    This month's News Alert on green public procurement (GPP) is now available online at

    In this issue you can read our interview with Carsten Wachholz from the European Environmental Bureau, based in Brussels, and what he has to say about the potential for furthering green purchasing actions through greater collaboration with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working on sustainability issues.

    Find out more about...

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  • eafip Workshop for public procurers in the sector of transport and mobility - Brussels, 16 June Public space

    Rapidly approaching eafip Workshop for public procurers in the sector of transport and mobility will be held at the Square – Brussels Meeting Centre in Brussels, Belgium on 16th June 2017!

    Attendance is open to public contracting authorities who have a unique chance to openly discuss unmet procurement needs, innovation concepts, project ideas, and much more. The workshop is free of charge and will be held in English. More information at

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  • Buying Green and Social From Abroad Public space

    here is a report done by Dr Tina Beuchelt of University of Bonn Center for Development Research which looks interesting. Particular discussion of coffee.

    Subtitle is "are biomass-focussed voluntary sustainability standards useful for European public procurement"

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  • Register now for the next Procura+ Webinar Public space

    There is still time to register for the Procura+ Webinar on Réseau Grand Ouest: success stories of SPP from the West of France. The webinar will take place on Thursday 27 April at 14:00 - 15:30.

    Register for the webinar now!

    The webinar is a chance to learn about:

    • How can a regional network help to make public authorities stronger in SPP?
    • What makes regional networks for SPP such as RGO successful?
    • How RGO is supporting public authorities such as Lorient and Nantes to improve...

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  • Recording available of the Webinar: Review of the state of SPP around the globe Public space

    Dear all,

    For those of you that were interested but couldn’t attend yesterday’s webinar presenting the 2016 Global Review of SPP, you can find its recording in the SCP Clearinghouse youtube channel, namely here:

    Best regards,

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  • eafip Assistsnce re-launch! Application are now open Public space

    The eafip Assistance has now been re-launched! 12 public procurers from across the EU to develop their innovation procurement (a PCP or PPI) by providing assistance (including legal assistance) in the start-up and implementation of the innovation procurement.

    The application for eafip assistance is open until midnight 15th June 2017. You can apply at

    Important: Please make sure that you have read the information about eligibility and scope of...

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  • Market Engagement Best Practice Report published Public space

    The SPP Regions project has released its Market Engagement Best Practice Report aimed at guiding public procurers in engaging with suppliers in the context of procurement projects where input from the market can improve procurement outcomes.

    The report contains practical advice and guidance, using examples of successful processes and actions to demonstrate how market engagement works, including the risks, resources required and first steps for public authorities.

    Detailing the various points...

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  • Webinar: State of SPP around the world Public space

    Dear all,

    The 10YFP Sustainable Public Procurement Programme is about to publish the 2016 Global Review of SPP, a report examining the state of SPP policies and practices undertaken by national governments worldwide as well as the latest global trends in sustainable procurement.

    As a preview, the 10YFP SPP Programme invites you to participate next Thursday, 20 April from 13:00 to 14:00 CEST, in a webinar presenting the main results and conclusions of the 2016 Global Review of SPP cov...

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  • InnProBio newsletter #4 Public space

    Good morning to everyone,

    Yesterday, the InnProBio team issued its fourth newsletter. You can read it here:

    It contains information about several topics: the workshop and market dialogue in Bonn, the first good practice case study developed by the InnProBio team (bio-based cups in the Netherlands), factsheet #4 focused on bio-based products and services as part of the circular economy... Hope you enjoy it.


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  • Newsletter #3 of LIFE FUTURE project soon to be published Public space

    Make sure you are not missing any news about this project on green public procurement and urban furniture by subscribing to its newsletter:

    The third issue will soon be published so do not wait too much!

    In this issue you will learn more about the development of the GUF Tool (to know what is hidden behind this, just visit!), understand how to guarantee the sustainability of plastics through GPP criteria for furniture...

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  • Webinar: How can a regional network help public authorities with sustainable public procurement? Public space

    On Thursday 27 April at 14:00 - 15:30 join Procura+ Webinar Réseau Grand Ouest: success stories of SPP from the West of France.

    The webinar is a chance to learn about:

    • How can a regional network help to make public authorities stronger in SPP?
    • What makes regional networks for SPP such as RGO successful?
    • How RGO is supporting public authorities such as Lorient and Nantes to improve their SPP?

    Réseau Grand Ouest (RGO) is a sustainable public procurement of innovation network wi...

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  • Save the Date! Circular Procurement Congress no. 2 Tallinn 19 October Public space

    Dear all,

    On 19 October 2017, the second international Congress on Circular Procurement, co-organised by the European Commission (Directorate-General for the Environment), the Estonian Presidency of the EU, Rijkswaterstaat from the Netherlands and ICLEI- Local Governments for Sustainability will take place in Tallinn, Estonia. In April 2016, the first edition of this congress was held in Amsterdam with 120 experts from Europe and outside attending, with the purpose to raise awareness for...

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  • Procurement of bio-based products and services / Bioeconomy Public space
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    Dear Hani and Alessandro,

    Thanks a lot for all the info. Yes, certainly more communication between buyers and suppliers is needed. This is, for instance, the intention of the market dialogue being organised in Bonn (25 April). By the way, here I share a database of bio-based products that was developed in the OpenBio project:

    Alessandro, thanks for sharing the results of the assessment. We'll certainly read it, as it is very releva...

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