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  • Just one week to know who the Procura+ Awards winners are Public space

    The final countdown for the Procura+ Awards ceremony, taking place next September 24 at the Nordic Edge Expo, has started. The eight finalists of this edition are getting ready to find out if their candidacies are selected by the jury as the winners of the different categories: Innovation Procurement of the Year, Outstanding Innovation Procurement in ICT, Sustainable Procurement of the Year and Procurement Initiative of the Year.

    The Municipality of Frederiksberg (Denmark) and the City of H...

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  • Innovation Procurement Exchange at Nordic Edge Public space

    To all those attending Nordic Edge next week in Stavanger, you are warmly invited to the Innovation Procurement Exchange on Wedensday 25th 9.00-12.00. This is a chance to learn from experts in the field, mingle with Procura+ Award winners, and get feedback on your own innovation procurement challenges and ambitions.

    Learn the latest from initiatives such as LEA, InnoBrokers, Big Buyers, and Procure2Innovate. Open slots are also be available for anyone interested in pitching their innov...

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  • CIVILnEXt, Open Market Consultation Event Brussels, 18.9.2019 Public space

    CIVILnEXt is a Horizon 2020 Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) project aiming to develop, test and validate a cost-effective and interoperable Operation Control Platform (OCP) for supporting EU civilian external policies in the long term. The underlying scope focuses on enhancing communications, knowledge-sharing, information access, situational awareness and preparedness towards improving efficiency, visibility and impact of missions with multinational demand and CSDP characteristics. This procur...

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  • SHUTTLE Call for Tender will be launched on 20th September 2019 Public space

    SHUTTLE, acronym for ‘Scientific High-throughput and Unified Toolkit for Trace analysis by forensic Laboratories in Europe’, is a H2020 project financed by the European Commission (EC), aiming to develop a toolkit, which will facilitate the microtraces analysis collected in crime scenes.
    The development of the SHUTTLE toolkit will be realised through a pre-commercial procurement (PCP) action, which is coordinated and jointly carried out among forensic institutes across Europe.
    More precisely, th...

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  • Public food procurement - promoting population health, food security and ecosystem resilience Public space

    This is the title of two sessions which I have organised within the Royal Geographical Society annual international conference at Imperial College, London on the afternoon of Friday 30th August 2019.

    There are ten speakers giving presentations about public food procurement from UK (4) Brazil (2), USA, Kenya, France, Sweden

    For the session programmes see the attached files or the links below

    To register f...

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  • Ongoing consultation HORIZON EUROPE - collection of recommendations for future funding schemes for innovation procurement Public space

    Dear all

    As we are all involved in different innovation procurement projects and are supposed to create synergies between them, we are addressing you and would like to ask you for your input!

    One of our tasks in Procure2Innovate, a network of competence centres for innovation procurement, is to collect recommendations for future funding schemes for innovation procurement as well as the identification of topics for future calls.

    Since the consultation for HORIZON EUROPE is currently ongo...

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  • Only one month left for the registration for the Conference on Responsible Public Procurement in Prague Public space

    The event will take place on October 3rd and 4th and this year we will focus mainly on strategy - International policies and strategies, National strategies for the development of responsible/sustainable public procurement, internal strategies for the implementation of responsible/sustainable public procurement within organisation. On Thursday, October 3rd, we will host i.a. guests from UN, OECD, EU, Polish UrzÄ…d zamówieÅ„ publicznych, Italian Consip, Swedish SKL Kommentus, Slovak Ministry...

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    In the core of companies, the philosophy of innovation should be a mindset to keep on being competitive and imaginative. Public administrations can play a key role for innovation to citizens by considering innovation in their procurements. Since there are different approaches for innovation and it is always a focus of discussion, it is still necessary to put it as a flagship for the development of society. Innovation is not a place to arrive and stay, but a means to improve.

    In this sense, th...

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  • Learntech stakeholders from all 28 EU countries become LEA Followers Public space

    The LEA Learntech Accelerator project aims to harness the power of public procurement of innovation (PPI) and pre-commercial procurement (PCP) to accelerate the purchase of innovative learning technology in European schools.

    Learntech stakeholders from all 28 EU countries – including procurers, suppliers, learntech experts and schools – have signed-up to observe the projects activities and results by becoming LEA Followers.

    It is still possible to sign-up as a LEA Follower, or, if you...

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  • Antisuperbugs : Request for Tender Publication Public space

    The call for tender has been published. The deadline for submission of proposals will be on the 28th of October 2019.

    Six leading European procuring entities under the lead of AQuAS challenge the industry to develop a smart ICT solutions able to detect the presence of resistant microorganisms, give real-time feedback to the user and at the same time share the information with the healthcare provider electronic record systems linking the infection with the place of the detection.

    The av...

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  • Need for cost-effective data archiving services? Join the webinar on 4 September 2019 about the ARCHIVER Early Adopters Programme Public space

    Are you part of a public sector research organisation with needs for standards-based, cost-effective data archiving and preservation service?

    If so, you might be interested in the ARCHIVER project , which is creating an eco-system for specialist ICT companies active in archiving to introduce new services capable of supporting the expanding needs of research communities. The ARCHIVER Early Adopter Programme is open to organisations with a special interest in closely following the ARCHIVER...

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    The Spanish PROMINENT MED team had the challenge of refurbishing an old storage building in Alzira, València (Magatzem de Cucó, C/ La Pau 28, 46600, Alzira) in an energy efficient manner. The needs analysis revealed that the building was going to be the future youth municipal house and therefore it was planned to be diaphanous, acoustically-insulated, and thermally comfortable and energy efficient.

    The key cornerstones were to reduce the weight of the price of acquisition of the supply, the c...

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  • 142M EURO of EU funding available for innovation procurements Public space

    The Horizon 2020 calls for the year 2020 were published yesterday.

    Check out the topics, budgets and call deadlines for the 142 million EURO of EU funding for innovation procurements that is available and participate in one of the calls until the end of 2020. Funding is available for pre-commercial procurements (PCPs) and public procurements of innovative solutions (PPIs) in different fields: health, security, energy, transport, satellite and research infrastructures.

    More info on the in...

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  • Market effects of innovation partnerships versus pre-commercial procurements Public space

    New information is available about the market effects of innovation partnerships versus pre-commercial procurements:

    Check out the new evidence on:

    • The impacts achieved by pre-commercial procurements (PCPs) funded by the EUs research and innovation programs. See slide 1-41.
    • Comparison of the market effects of all awarded PCPs versus innovation partnership procedures that have been promoted...

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  • Purchasing sustainable ICT equipment, new LCC tool, strategic procurement, and lots more.. Public space

    The latest news on green public procurement (GPP) was published today by the European Commission. Have a look at the July newsletter -

    Sign up here for the newsletter today!

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  • Join the team! New vacancy at ICLEI Public space

    The Sustainable Economy and Procurement team at ICLEI is looking to fill the position of Sustainable and Innovation Procurement Officer at its European Secretariat in Freiburg (Germany).

    ICLEI's Sustainable Economy and Procurement team has been working on the topics of sustainable, strategic and innovation procurement for 22 years. In more recent years our work has expanded to cover the topic of circular local economies. The team offers support to public authorities in implementation acti...

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    The Spanish PROMINENT MED team had the challenge of refurbishing an old storage building in Alzira, València (Magatzem de Cucó, C/ La Pau 28, 46600, Alzira) in an energy efficient manner. The needs analysis revealed that the building was going to be the future youth municipal house and therefore it was planned to be diaphanous, acoustically-insulated, and thermally comfortable and energ...

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  • Two new calls for ideas Public space

    The Austrian Patent Office is looking for innovative solutions:

    The Austrian Patent Office is currently looking for a significant upgrade for their chatbot „Albert“. Status quo: “Albert” is helping customers and interested citizens via the website and via Facebook by answering questions regarding brands, patents, fees, funding and seminars. Unfortunately, “Albert” cannot process natural language and cannot form full sentences on his own. He reacts mainly to keywords an...

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    The Catalan Government has recently approved the guide of public procurement of innovate solutions. The objective of this guide is to promote ppi and make it easier for the public buyers. You can read the guide in spanish and in catalan, and view the highlits of the guide in english. Soon the guide in english too.

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  • Seeking LCA virgin ligneous wood fibre for paper production Public space
    Latest comment

    Thnx Josefine

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  • Higher than expected load capacity with mixed aggregate recycled concrete Public space

    Hello everyone

    The results of an interesting study with practical tests regarding the strength of mixed aggregate recycling concrete from demolition waste are just published online. Mixed aggregates can be gained from demolition waste with minimal sorting efforts.
    On Demand of the city of Zurich, technical engineers tested the weight/load capacity of concrete from less properly sorted mixed aggregate demolition waste material.
    The results of the tests: Concrete made from mixed recycled ag...

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  • Call for innovation! Austrian Railways are exploring the future of ticketing Public space

    ÖBB Personenverkehrs AG (Austrian Federal Railway, passenger transport), is a big public enterprise looking to engage market participants prior to the procurement of new ticket vending machines. The challenges focus on some hard- and software components. English versions are already attached online to both challenges (you will find them at the end of the page under Dateien and Infos).

    The deadline for online contributions is July 10th 2019 for both challenges. They seek input from compan...

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  • Early Adopters Programme: Webinar on 26 June at 15:00 CEST Public space

    In order to encourage wide deployment outside the Buyers Group of solutions developed during the project, ARCHIVER will engage with a group of “Early Adopters”.
    The ARCHIVER Early Adopter programme is open to any public organisation having a need for innovative digital archiving and preservation solutions.
    Organisations interested in joining ARCHIVER as Early Adopters need to express their interests by completing the form below before September 15th, 2019.

    The Webinar

    Want to know more ...

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  • Workshop about Public Procurement of Innovation Strategies at municipal public bodies Public space
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    Consorci de la Ribera will be finally performing a presentation of PROMINENT MED Alzira's PPI case study. We have been invited to show how small/medium-sized municipalities are contributing to innovation activities promotion.

    Enclosed file shows the agenda of Red Innpulso seminar.

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